Five Benefits CBD oil brings to your Furry Friends

Posted by Priscilla Acres on 28th Dec 2022

French philosopher René Descartes of the 17th century argued that animals lack consciousness. He said that animals could not reason or feel pain, and sadly this belief is still widely accepted by some people to the detriment of animals. 

However, you realize how far their belief is from the truth when you see an animal falling sick or experiencing pain. 

While several veterinarians have devised treatments for different breeds, pain-relieving meds are also available. Researchers have also pointed out that cannabinoids interact with an animal’s nervous system. 

So, if you have a pet experiencing symptomatic discomfort, you may give them CBD hemp oil after consulting with your vet. 

In this post, we’ll take you through the benefits of CBD hemp oil for pets. 

CBD oil for pets benefits

It is widely believed that CBD can make you or your pet high. It is thought that CBD can cause some severe side effects. That fact is that Soko’s Miracle does not contain THC that is the typical initiator of making one feel high or cause serious side effects. 

Here are the actual benefits your pet would experience once the CBD oil is administered at the proper dosage.

Complements the immune system’s response

CBD has medicinal properties, also creating an anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, one of the benefits of CBD oil is connected to enhancing the immune system’s response to varied physiological issues. 

Reduces anxiety in pets

Anxiety is not only the burden of humans. Pets feel it too, and to that effect, they also face bouts of anxiety. It is crucial to identify that your pet is facing severe anxiety issues. The reasons could include thunderstorms, separation, or car anxiety, negatively impacting their health.

Pets may also run away or jump out the window during an anxiety episode. Vets have been prescribed CBD to calm them and relieve them from extreme anxiety eventually. 

Healthy skin and fur

An animal’s skin is its largest organ, protecting them from harmful external elements of the environment. Your pet’s skin can get affected due to lack of nutrition, allergies, or ticks. CBD oil can improve your pet’s skin and fur texture.

Arthritis in animals

As your pet ages, and depending on its breed, it may experience arthritic pain. CBD oil helps complement treatment for senior pets struggling with arthritis. CBD has a positive effect that works well with therapy and massaging the pet. Of course, administering CBD hemp oil for pets should be done only after consulting the vet.

Reduces or eliminates pain

Pets that may have undergone surgery, or come across an accident, experienced a fracture will experience immense pain. Consistent use of CBD hemp oil for pets can reduce pain and accelerate treatment benefits for chronic diseases. 

We hope that CBD oil for pets benefits your furry friend. You can check our product on CBD hemp oil for pets to know more about how it can help improve their quality of life.