How is cbd oil made?

Posted by Soko Miracle on 28th Dec 2022

How is CBD oil made

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil and its products have become well-known in the last few years. As it gains popularity in the health and wellness market, more and more people are getting curious and eager to try this product. The introduction of the farm bill in 2018 has made CBD more accessible to people that need it. CBD oil is now available as a supplement infused in beverages, food, makeup, skincare, etc. You can also get it in its pure raw oil form to use however you like. With the increasing popularity of CBD, concerns regarding the origin and effectiveness of CBD are rising as well. Consumers are now even more curious about how CBD oil is produced. 

People want to know whether CBD oil is as natural and organic as it is claimed to be. So it is only natural to be inquisitive about a miracle product that is providing such good results. Questions like :

What part of the Plant is CBD oil made from?

How Is Hemp Harvested?

When to Harvest Hemp?

How Is CBD Extracted From Cannabis?

What methods are used to extract CBD from the hemp plant?

Before we begin answering these questions, we need to understand the difference between hemp and marijuana. Both are a form of cannabis, but the hemp plant contains less than 0.3% THC, which is a psychoactive compound. Marijuana contains a higher amount of THC and is used to get high. 

The journey begins by planting industrial hemp plants by the end of May or the first week of June. Toward the end of autumn, the environment is at its best for the hemp to grow. After that, it takes about two months to sprout. The strain of hemp used for cultivating CBD takes about 2-3 months to mature and bloom. Then, it is harvested, and the Plant is left to dry in the open air for 3-4 weeks. 

How are hemp plants harvested?

It all depends on the flowers of the hemp plant. The cannabinoids we desire are present in the resin gland of the Plant’s trichome. The hemp plant is harvested, taking into account the temperature and ideal time. It is very crucial to harvest the hemp at a time when it can be brought in before the storm season hits the area. The Plant needs to be harvested when growers are sure that the Plant has matured and reached optimal potency. Harvesting hemp is a critical stage in the whole CBD production chain as being careless could cause a loss of hemp flower biomass or mold growth and mildew. The Plant needs to be tested to ensure it does not contain any metals, bacteria, or mold that would be harmful for human consumption. THC levels must be checked to ensure they are below the legal limit of less than 0.3%. 

The Drying Process

The Plant can be left out in the open to dry. However, alternative to drying in the open, it can also be cured. The process is simple: branches of the hemp plant are hung in a dark room for some time. This method is faster and forms the crystals in better shape, but it has a drawback. The drawback is that it cannot be observed closely. Another drawback is that when hung, the branches form a droopy condensed form that prevents the middle part from drying, increasing the risk of breeding molds and mildews. Therefore, drying the hemp in the open is more beneficial as slow dried hemp will produce a better quality product.

What Part Of The Plant Is CBD Extracted From?

CBD is extracted from the flower of the Plant. The extraction has to be exact and efficient. If it is not extracted properly, the result might end up containing too much THC, which contaminates the whole batch and has to be dumped, unfortunately. 

How do you get CBD Oil from the Plant?

The oil can be extracted through the CO2 extraction method and the ethanol extraction method, two of the most popular methods of extracting CBD. Both give slightly different end products, but the texture and hue of the oil are almost the same. What you get in the end is very dark, silky, black oil.  

Ethanol extraction: 

This is also known as the alcohol extraction method. This is a very simple and commonly practiced method for CBD extraction. It works on the principle that CBD is more soluble in Ethanol than the rest of the Plant; hence all the plant matter is put into large industrial containers containing Ethanol. Cannabidiol gets extracted from the Plant, and thus, most of the Cannabidiol gets dissolved in the alcohol fast. The mixture is then cleared out, and we are left with a cannabidiol-ethanol solution. After this, CBD is separated from the solution.


  • The process is simple, fast, and efficient
  • The process is not temperature sensitive
  • Budget-friendly, making it suitable for mass production
  • Less Energy-intensive than CO2 
  • Easily scalable.


  • The solution dissolves all the Cannabidiol, including THC. If not processed properly, that might ruin the whole batch.
  • The solution is made of Ethanol mostly, which is highly flammable. Must be contained and handled with care.
  • It freely extracts chlorophyll
  • Requires a thorough secondary level of processing.

Carbon dioxide extraction:

This method begins with condensing carbon dioxide under heavy pressure and low temperature to liquefy it. Then the temperature is slowly increased, and the pressure is slowly decreased to reach the critical point of carbon dioxide. In this environment, carbon dioxide reaches a supercritical state and behaves both like a liquid and a gas at the same time. This is the temperature ideal for using CO2 to extract CBD oil.

When this supercritical carbon dioxide is passed through the dried/cured cannabis plant matter, it dissolves the crystal-like CBD and other essential compounds. But the best part is that the mixture is not a solution like ethanol extraction. After the supercritical carbon dioxide extracts most of the elements, it is transferred to a separator, where the mixture is heated and pressure lowered just enough so that the supercritical carbon dioxide evaporates and completely turns into gas. The other elements remain in their previous state and are left behind.

The gaseous carbon dioxide is then moved to a new container and recompressed to turn back into liquid. Thus the cycle is ready to repeat.


  • This method of CBD extraction is very safe and efficient
  • The result is clean and pure Full-spectrum CBD
  • Separating the essential elements is super simple.
  • No residual solvents.
  • Minimal costs and safety requirements.
  • Automation is available for the whole process.


  • Running the machinery is more technical and expensive.
  • Requires expert personnel to run the machines. 

There are other methods of extracting CBD from the plant matter, but these are the most popular strategies and the main methods of extraction at the factory level.

How is CBD oil finally prepared?

Once the CBD and other materials are separated from the solvents, they are then cleaned and refined, and THC is removed as necessary, if necessary. The extracted oil is then distilled and cleaned to isolate the desired compound (in our case CBD ). This is done by two procedures- winterization and short path distillation.

What is winterization?

This process helps to clean the extracted oil from unwanted products that might have been left behind during the extraction process. These can be waxes, fats, and lipids. This process is commonly used if the oil has been extracted through the process of high pressure/high temperature(supercritical), as this method pulls out everything from the Plant. It also involves the material that is not desired in the final product. The extracted oil through this method is crude and needs refining. 

Once the oil is extracted, it is mixed with alcohol and stirred until everything dissolves and becomes homogeneous. Then, the mixture is placed in the freezer overnight, which turns the mixture cloudy when checked in the morning. This is an indication that the mixture is ready to be filtered. One simple way to do that is by passing the cloudy mixture through filter paper into the container. Buchner funnel is used, lined with filter paper, and the solid compound accumulates on the filter while the ethanol-oil mixture passes through. Once it has been filtered, and all the extra compounds are taken out, the alcohol is separated from the solution. This is done by heating the solution, which evaporates the alcohol due to a lower boiling temperature. The alcohol leaves the solution leaving the oil behind.

What is short path distillation?

It is the process used to make the oil more refined and remove any contaminants that may have remained. Short path distillation isolates the CBD oil from the rest giving it a full spectrum of its benefits. This process works because every component has a different boiling point; hence, when the oil is heated, all the compounds evaporate, leaving CBD oil alone. The final product is then weighed and made ready for the market. It is sold as oil in its pure form to be consumed or used in any way you desire. CBD oil can also be mixed in with essential oils. The process is straightforward. The desired amount of CBD is dissolved in the essential oil of choice. This is done to impart more beneficial properties to the product and customize it better according to the market’s needs. CBD and other compounds are highly soluble in essential oil anyway. The oil used to dissolve the compounds varies from company to company. It also depends on demand and availability. Some people want essential oils for their added benefits; some want them for their fragrance and therapeutic effects. It varies according to the personal choice of the consumer. This oil is also bought by skincare and makeup companies where the new CBD-infused products are all the rage nowadays. Hence, this oil can be added to anything to get desired effects. 

Where To Get The Best CBD Oil?

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So, that’s how CBD oil is extracted. Of course, this is an extremely simplified version of the actual process. The entire process is done under strict conditions to get a quality end product. A lot of technical and mechanical intricacies go into making this miracle oil. Although it has a long history of use, it is only now that more people are starting to appreciate its miraculous benefits. Due to the increasing demand for CBD products, more and more labels are popping up to sell CBD products. If you are interested in learning more about the oil, its benefits, and its journey, keep an eye on our blogs.